About the Artist

Uncle Sal

Salvatore Pantozzi (1925-2000) was an artist who lived and created art in Jersey City, New Jersey.

He was a World War II veteran and member of the Timberwolf 104th infantry Division from 1942-1945.

His body of work was created during his most active period in the late 1960’s through early 1990’s and consists of oil paintings, drawings and sculptures.

A good portion of his works are paintings and drawings of scenes near his studio which was located above the Hilltop Restaurant in Jersey City on the corner of Jordan Avenue and Mercer Street. (Click here for a view of the area today)

This site was created by his family as a means of making his work available to the public.

We welcome opportunities to support charitable organizations with donations from the sale of his artwork.  

Please use the contact form on this site to request more information or ask a question.